A builders log of my experience building the STOL CH-801 aircraft from Zenith


Three terrific examples are seen in the pictures above.  From left to right are the Zenith factory demonstrator, Mike Dawson's airplane, and Ben Haas' airplane.  I got to fly the Zenith airplane when I attended the factory workshop in Mexico, Missouri.  Mike Dawson is a missionary acquaintance of mine who has used his bird in the Amazon rainforest to serve the Yanomamo people indigenous there.  The third is Ben Haas' airplane.  Ben allowed me to sit in the back seat at Oshkosh to "try it on for size".  His airplane has a unique firewall forward setup which you can see at his website.


I.       In the Beginning

II.      Shop Preparation and Tools

III.     What about the Plans

IV.     The Builder's Workshop

V.      Flaperons

VI.     Slats

VII.    Horizontal Stabilizer

VIII.   Elevator

IX.     Fuselage

X.      Wings and Fuel Tanks

XI.     Controls

XII.    Instrument Panel


DISCLAIMER:  This is a log of my experiences building an airplane.  I'm no expert and this is not intended to be instructional.  You remember when your mom used to say, "If your friend jumps off a bridge are you going to do it, too?"  Well, that's how this works...if you do something because I did, we might both crash   ;-)





This is what it will look like when it's completed...


This is what I've completed so far...


OK, it's now starting to look like airplane parts!  Still a long way to go...


Horizontal Stabilizer.....complete.




Fuselage.....the rear fuselage is fully assembled and riveted.  The firewall is complete.  The rear fuselage is now being fitted with rear seat and baggage area components.  The cabin floor is cut and bent and the sides are fitted with plywood jigs in place.  I moved this to the airport because it became too big for my garage.

Wings.....the right wing is 80% done.  I'm installing Aero LED strobe/nav lights and Aero LED landing lights in the leading edge slats, so this will take some extra time.


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