The Slats begin by building up the slat ribs with the brackets and some "standard L" is added on the opposite side...

Watch out for the "Standard L" material!  It's supposed have two legs of equal length (19 mm) but mine was more like 23 mm and 15 mm.  I used the longer leg against the bracket.  The shorter leg against the bracket would have caused an edge distance problem with that upper rear rivet.



There are left and right slats, so everything is mirror imaged.  The notches have to be measured on the "Standad L" from the left on four and from the right on the other four.



There are 8 ribs with brackets attached.  They are match drilled so the letters have to be kept together (A-A, B-B, etc).


Painted the areas where the parts go together with Zinc Oxide.  I'll paint everything on the inside before final assembly.


You can see the Standard "L" and the Channel installed.


Pretty slick how the clecos make the skin bend into the right shape.


Close-up view.  There are 12 ribs to install.  There are 3 on the inboard section and 3 on the outboard section for each wing.


The next step will require a jig.  I cut the pattern on one piece of 3/4 inch plywood and the screwed 4 more pieces to it after rough cutting the shape with a jigsaw.  Next I used this cool tool to make them all identical (thanks to Tom from work who loaned it to me).  It looks like a simple barrel sander roll installed in a drill press which is pretty close.  The only difference is, it has a metal ring on the bottom (the same diameter as the sandpaper roll) that doesn't allow you to sand beyond the original pattern that was cut in the bottom board.  Worked great!


With the pattern matched, the edges need to match as well.


Pretty good match...


I used the 1" x 2" x 10' boards from the horizontal stabilizer skin installation to fasten them all together straight and square.


Ready to go to the next step !


The straps hold the skin in place around the curved ribs so you can drill and rivet.


And here's where the jig comes into play.





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