The plans for the Zenith 801 are online pdf files and can be printed and placed in a three ring binder (I plan to do that myself) but another option is to set up a computer in the workshop.  Keep in mind that flying metal chips and electronics don't go well together.

A couple options here...


Option 1

Buy one of the new Toughbook laptops like my friend Ethan did (yes I'm jealous).


Option 2

Skimp and buy one of the new notebook computers.  They're cheap, so if I ruin it I won't feel so bad.

I bought an Acer from Wal Mart for $239.  It's an XP (better than Vista) notebook and I connected an external monitor, keyboard, and wireless mouse.

I found a really cool keyboard at Staples for $5.99 that is encased in rubber and can be wiped off or rolled up like a sheet of paper and put away.  Pretty impervious to spills.

The wireless mouse is a cheap one at $29.

I placed the notebook on a cooking rack so that it can get air underneath for cooling and it will be above any spills.  I set up the preferences so that it never goes into "sleep" mode and it keeps running with the screen closed to keep junk out of it.  It connects to the wireless internet I already had in the house.

I already had the flat screen monitor so I swiped it from my kids :-)


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