I'm discovering the most difficult part about building an airplane......making decisions about things like instrument panels and paint jobs!!!


My objectives for the panel are...

1.  Real IFR capabilities

2.  An autopilot that can fly approaches and holding patterns

3.  Enough redundancy that IFR can be done safely

4.  Electronic engine instruments

5.  Ideally I'd like the panel to eliminate paper charts and approach plates

6.  A backup nav/com beyond the Garmin 430W


I'm finding that I can spend $30k-$40k in a hurry to fulfill this list.  Below are some "starting points" that I'm considering.  They all include a Garmin 430W and a Tru Trak auto pilot (not shown) to fulfill #2 above.  In the case of the Advanced Flight Systems panel, their autopilot is a Tru Trak with custom software.


I really like the IFR capabilities in the Advanced Flight Systems units.  This video says it all

This panel is the most expensive option but meets all the requirements.


The Dynon Skyview screens fit my panel shape much better but don't have the capabilities of the AFS units above.  The moving map is not as good and no charts or approach plates are available.  They are about $1k per screen cheaper so I'm considering a Garmin 696 to do the map/chart function.  I like the remote transponder option Dynon offers.


This setup mixes an AFS EFIS with a Dynon engine monitor.  Since it doesn't have the redundancy of the dual EFIS panels above, it uses a few steam gauges as secondary backup.  I'm willing to do some steam gauges if it saves enough money to make it worthwhile.


All you avionics experts out me with your ideas.  I'm just beginning this investigation and there is a lot to learn in this technology.



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