These are the parts that make up the Horizontal Stabilizer's Skeleton.


Spar and ribs going together...


Yellow Zinc Oxide from Aircraft Spruce (PTI brand) seems to work pretty well...expensive though.


To the print?  Obviously!


Now we get into those expensive (intimidating) skins.  Don't crinkle them!


Then to add insult to injury, you have to cut triangular shaped holes in them!  That's scary.


Gotta bolt that thing down or it is EASY to twist when installing the skin.


Worked out OK.  All the holes lined up!


I found the cutout easier to do after the top of the skin was drilled and clecoed.  I used a Lenox hole saw and a cordless drill to carefully make a 1-1/2 inch hole (3/4 radius) and then removed the clecos and cut out the rest with my Irwin snips.  A little filing and it was good to go.


And that's what the finished product looks like !!!



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