The Forward Fuselage


I've been moving completed parts to a storage unit in town, so I was going to build the forward fuselage first.  Its size would make it easy to move.


The firewall is galvanized steel and comes with six predrilled holes.  Two holes top and bottom define the centerline.  Four pre-drilled pilot holes locate the engine mount.

Every part that touches the firewall is measured from the pre-drilled pilot holes in the engine mount locations.  Unfortunately, mine weren't drilled so I had to put this back in the box and move on to the Rear Fuselage.


The guys at Zenith sent me a drawing to locate the holes so that I could drill them myself.  The locations have to be pretty exact (within 1mm or so) so it took some time to get it right.  At Zenith they drill them with a template so it's right every time.  I measured and cross-checked before drilling (I knew the pythagorean's theorem would come in handy someday).


The silver clecos are in the upper engine mount holes.


Now you can see where all the engine mount holes are by the four silver clecos.  This is why I could not get started until locating these holes.  All the parts that attached to the firewall are measured from these holes.


The heavier brackets on the centerline are there to mount the nose landing gear.


It's looking more and more porcupine-like.  It starts out with the small #40 drill silver clecos and you work your way up to the #20 drill and black 5/32 clecos.


Put it together...take it apart...put it together...take it apart...


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