The flaperon begins with skins that are pre-bent to the correct shape for the trailing edge.

Already I'm in trouble.  I just had the Zenith guys machine all the heads for my pneumatic riveter to make that nice rounded head shape and what do I find?  These four flaperon skins require 16 flush rivets !!!

I had a couple choices here.  Run out and buy another riveter for 16 rivets, order new heads for my riveter and do nothing while waiting for them to be shipped, or come up with something creative.

I don't think you'll find this one in any aircraft handbook, but...


I drilled a hole through one of my files (on a smooth area) and put it between my riveter and the rivet.  It's made of hard steel.  What's the worst that could happen?  Mess up a rivet and have to drill it back out.


It worked!  Made a beautiful flush rivet.


Ready to start fitting the skin to the flaperon half.  Now to cut out those funky triangles!


Step one is to drill 1/4 inch holes for the corners.  I tried to use snips and files for the first one.  That was a PAIN !  I'm not doing that again.  I went out and bought a Dremel tool.  This thing is a MUST.  It reduced what took an hour with files to 30 seconds with a little cutoff wheel.


It's a simple deburring job at this point and it's ready to go.


Some additional filing was required to get the skin over the bracket and aligned for riveting.


Once in place, the riveting is pretty straight forward.  The dimension for the forward-most rivet on the curved side of the nose rib was about 5 mm short and landed on the gap between flanges so it's best to look in the end before drilling.


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