These are the parts that make up the Elevator's Skeleton.


Skeleton assembled...


This little cross-piece (Elevator Channel 8H2-14) was the hardest thing to line up!  I simply couldn't get it the right distance from the spar on top and bottom and aligned with the ribs at the same time.


I found it easier to remove the ribs, clamp the cross piece in place (one rib at a time) and drill from the inside using pilot holes I had drilled in the standard "L" brackets.  I used a 12" drill from Avery for clearance (this thing's awesome).


Here you can see the skin going on.  Yes, there are stages when this thing is held together by duct tape!  Or more specifically, in my case it's golf club grip tape (if Golfsmith only knew).


Zenith's construction manual has a drawing of a fixture to build (I had no idea that I would do so much woodworking when I bought this aircraft kit) but the dimensions are illegible.  I built my own based on the concept in the Zenith drawing...we'll see how it goes.


I used some of the padding material that came with the sheet metal parts to pad the fixture (especially that fragile trailing edge).


Rib Skin drilled and clecoed.


Installing the Nose Skins on the elevator.  They have to be positioned exactly right or the whole assembly will have a permanent twist (hence the jig and a lot of tedious measuring).


View from the other side.


Mine has a reinforcing gusset under the skin, top and bottom.  From what I can tell from reading online, I think this is an addition due to the increased horizontal stabilizer span that the later kits have.  It's a fun piece to get positioned and drilled correctly.  I'm not a big fan of the hand drawn sketch in the construction manual for this item.


There is a five-lead cable that will operate the trim tab actuator with an electrical switch on the instrument panel.


As done as it's going to get for now.  I still have to cut the skin off the trailing edge for tail clearance and install the brackets, but since it's going into storage for a while I'm going to leave it like this (seems sturdier to me). 


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