The Fuselage Crate


The fuselage and landing gear crate has arrived !!!  I picked it up in Mexico, Missouri less than 24 hours after leaving the other Mexico (the country).  I drove from Mexico to San Diego, flew to St Louis, took a taxi to the UHaul place, drove to the factory in Mexico, MO to pick up the fuselage an landing gear kits, then drove home to Chicago.  It was a Looong day but an adventure.


In case you're wondering, a forklift loaded it and no, you can't lift if off.  Some of these parts are heavy!  Actually, I think the crate itself was heavier than the parts in it.  I had to remove all the heavy stuff, then still needed dollies and lots of people to get it off the truck.  The crate is 14' x 4' x 3'.  That 2-car garage is now a one car garage!


The wheeled dollies were a big help getting it into the garage.


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